About us

Awais Bukhari, the dynamic leader at the helm of Deevatech, has been a pioneering force in the global tech industry for over half a decade. His name resonates with unfaltering commitment, relentless passion, and groundbreaking innovation.

Launching his illustrious career on Fiverr, the renowned freelancing platform, Awais quickly set himself apart from his peers, embodying the essence of quality and professionalism. Over the course of his impressive career, he has successfully managed and delivered over 3,000 projects, serving a myriad of clients from virtually every corner of the globe. His diverse portfolio is a testament to his vast expertise and his adaptive skills, often catering to unique client needs and complex industry challenges.

However, his journey did not stop there. Propelled by the vision of forging his own path in the industry, Awais transitioned his wealth of experience and success into his brainchild, Deevatech. This venture represents the culmination of his years of diligent work and an unwavering drive for excellence.

Under Awais’s visionary leadership, Deevatech aims to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the tech world, introducing pioneering solutions that encapsulate both contemporary needs and forward-thinking strategies. His leadership style, anchored in dedication and entrepreneurial spirit, reflects a commitment to his clients and to the evolution of the industry.

The story of Awais Bukhari is not merely one of success, but of a ceaseless journey of growth and innovation. His tireless determination and devotion to the industry signify his enduring promise: to serve his clients and the tech industry with the best of his abilities, ensuring Deevatech’s standing as a globally recognized, trusted, and influential tech brand. Awais stands as a testament to the fact that, in the dynamic world of technology, the commitment to excellence is what truly defines a leader.